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This is the home of artwork and creations by Jessica Havens. My work can be found on Etsy and Threadless as well as markets around Seattle. Please visit my Gallery for a look at my work, I’ll add pieces below as I have time. If you’d like to see me at an upcoming market, check out my Events list.

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Freddy Kruger – Killers in the Kitchen

From my Killers in the Kitchen series, here is Freddie slicing the cheese. This drawing is available as a sticker or a print through my Etsy shop.

Jason Vorhees – Killers in the Kitchen


Next from Killers in the Kitchen is Jason chopping a carrot. This is available as a 5″x7″ print on my Etsy shop.

Drunken Tentacles


A spell gone awry, this cauldron is suddenly filled with irritated tentacles. This is available as an 8″x10″ print on Etsy.


January 2019:

I’m currently working on a series of Dapper Sea Life acrylic paintings. I have a few already posted in my Gallery, they are 5″x5″ or 4″x4″ on wrap around canvases and the creatures themselves wrap around a bit. I’m also slowly working on a series of nature spirit ink drawings. The first one, an Amanita Muscaria Sprite is posted in my gallery and I’m putting the finishing touches on his friend the Nightshade Nymph.